Established in May 1992, Bus Fan World is the largest bus enthusiast organization in Hong Kong. As a registered non-profit-making organization, we aim to promote bus fans mutual solidarity and friendship.

To wide the horizons of over 500 members, we provide various bus-related activities regularly, such as bus trips, bus talks, quizzes, bus-depots visits and lunch/dinner gathering.

We publish first Chinese bus magazine “BUS FOCUS” to our members. Bus Focus contains latest route news, public transport news and fleet news of bus companies in Hong Kong. Besides, there are articles about bus routes history, bus gossips, bus fans’ special interests, transport theories and other bus information world-wide.

Bus Fan World is managed by the “Executive committee”, which branches to “Executive board”, “Editorial board” and “Member’s Affairs board”. They are responsible to administrative affairs, publication of Bus Focus and managing members’ affairs respectively.

Being a member of Bus Fan World, other than obtaining their valuable activities and BUS FOCUS, they are also having special discount in bus souvenir and model shops in Hong Kong.

Any person may join Bus Fan World as a member if they are interested in buses and above the age of three, no matter which sex and nationality you are. In case of query or applying membership, please refer to the Join Us section. For general inquire, please write to us. Our posting address is:

PO Box 70418, Kowloon Central Post Office, Kowloon, HONG KONG

or drop us e-mail

Download 2015-2016 Local Membership Application Form